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Lighting Design

Design for Purpose

Proper illumination is critical for common tasks such as cooking, cleaning and dressing. Lighting also plays a key role in the safety of a space

Design for Aesthetics

Bring out the unique design characteristics of your space with lighting. Layered lighting finely tuned to the space will make it truly pop

Actionable Plans

Our designs produce a fully documented set of plans that your contracting teams can immediately execute. No mystery when it comes to wiring, installation or fine tuning

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Lighting Control

Control Your Way

Lighting control tailored to the space and its occupants. From task settings and astheatic appeal to simple operation and tunability, this is lighting control personified

A Clean Approach

No more wall clutter in the form of boxes full of non-intuitive dumb devices. Elegant, back-lit and engraved keypads provide a much easier experience while adding cool tech to the space

Smart Device Integration

From voice control to responding to security system events, integrate lighting with all your home technology

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Shading Solutions

Natural Light Control

Natural light is the primary source of lighting in most spaces, with automated shading technology, control it in the same way you control your electric lights

Energy Efficiency

While natural light is desirable and important, it will add unwanted heat to the space. With the proper fabric, our shading solutions can cut heat impact without sacrificing natural light and your great views


Windows are a wonderful addition to any space, but the outside world doesn't need to be invited in for every occasion. Privacy fabrics are a great solution for these times

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Material Management


Purchasing lighting components can be a time-consuming and error-prone process given the myriad of available configurations of lighting fixtures. We maintain direct partnerships with many of the top vendors to help ensure the best value for our clients by cutting out non-essential middlemen


Most construction projects take time, our material management program is designed to deliver what the team needs, when it needs it. We maintain communications with our vendors to understand lead times, and coordinate with the contracting teams to ensure accurate timing

Exception Handling

Of course most all construction projects change over time. We work to help identify contingency plans should changes alter fixture selection or placement

Our Process

Lighting and Control design solutions for unique residential and commercial spaces. Our start-to-finish approach produces actionable plans to ensure all stakeholders are ready to execute throughout the project.

Our Work

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